January 22, 2022

About Us

Biowikii.com is a team of two men, full of zeal.

I am Shubham Raj, the founder of this website. I am a 21 year old pharmacy student residing in Jharkhand, India and the site also has a content writer and manager Amal Kumar Sah, a 21 year old Economics major student from Delhi University.

I conceived the idea of this website through a general line of incidents. I used to look up for information about certain people on the internet and most of the times I encountered wrong information about them. So, it struck the knobs of my brain and I thought of creating a legitimate website where people could look upon for information about popular people.

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Singlehandedly, it was not possible for me to maintain and run the whole site, so then I sought help from my childhood friend Amal. He writes all the content that goes up on the site. He helps me in posting and managing content on the site on a regular basis, thus keeping consistency.

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